GPS Vehicle Tracking Tracker System for Car Truck Bike or Bus Call 9909911898


Call 9909911898 for more information. Install the latest gps tracking system for your truck, car, or bike. You can check live location live speed and various reports like stop report, geo fence reports and alerts notification on your mobile.

GPS tracker is a hardware that will be fitted hidden inside the vehicle. But what you see is the software. Software must be excellent so that you get best information about your vehicle all the time. You need to check software before you buy hardware.

डेमो क्यों जाँचना चाहिए ?

जीपीएस ट्रैकर एक हार्डवेयर है जो गाड़ी के अंदर छुपाकर लगाया जाता है। परंतु जो आपको सारा समय देखना है वह मोबाइल सॉफ्टवेयर है । सॉफ्टवेयर अच्छा होना चाहिए जो आपके वाहन की सारी जानकारी बेहतरीन तरीके से दिखाए । जीपीएस खरीदने से पहले आपको सॉफ्टवेयर पसंद आना ज़रूरी है ।

– Live location on map

– Live speed

– Live address

– Live ignition / or AC’s status

– History Playback on map

– Ignition on-off report

– Stoppage report

– Past History route recording on map

– Date to Date report

– Kilometer report

– Print download report

– Ignition on-off report

– Overspeed report

– Stoppage report

– Geo-fence report

– Mobile Parking Alarm / Siren

– Mobile app alerts (ignition, over speed, area entry-exit and more)

– Check on Mobile and Computer both

You can check live location on map, live grid report on website, overspeed report, distance reports. Also you receive various alerts notification on your mobile application like ignition on off alert, overspeed alert and stoppage alerts also. Order the best gprs tracker device for tracking any vehicle truck bus car or bike. is the best car gprs gps tracker device for tracking company that offers the best gps tracker device for car bike truck or your bus. Get the best vehicle gps gprs tracking device for car bike or truck. Various models available LT05+ GPS tracker, GT06n GPS tracker, BW08 GPS tracker, RP01 GPS tracker, et300 gps tracker. This is the best Lt05 + gps vehicle gprs tracker tracking system for car bike truck or bus.

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